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Maeve- Legendary Celtic Warrior Queen

By Karyne Dunbar


Until this sculpture was done, there were no three dimensional images of this quasi –historic figure on the planet. Early Christians in Ireland destroyed all images of Queen Maeve.


The first casting of this sculpture was presented by the president of Ireland to the Granuaille Center in county Mayo, Ireland.


Legendary Maeve was responsible for the death of epic hero Cuchulain. He was killed with an enchanted spear. The famous sculpture of the dying Cuchulain stands in the GPO, downtown Dublin.


Heads were considered trophies of victory in ancient Ireland.


Her victory over Cuchulain was a hollow one. It came at the end of the era of the old nature centered religion.

 She sits on the cut stump of a sacred oak, from the grove of her coronation.


The winds of change blow through her royal robes as she looks out on an uncertain future.

You can view the artist's casting of this bronze at the Art Shelter Gallery in Shell.


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